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Cobb and Marietta GA Tree Removal Permit Process

City of Marietta and Cobb county Ga tree removal permit process

For property owners in the City of Marietta or Cobb County Ga, the following tree removal permit information will help you better understand the city and county requirements you must meet for a tree removal permit.

City of Marietta Georgia Tree Permit

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PRIVATE PROPERTY – (single family dwelling) within Marietta City limits, notification of tree removal or a tree removal permits IS NOT required for the removal of trees on that property. However, here are a few things to be mindful of:

Troubled, diseased, dead or dying trees must be addressed. Failing to address these trees is considered negligence and in the event they fall, the property owner may be held fully responsible for all resulting and subsequent damage and repairs.

Should a tree (on City property) fall onto private property. The City of Marietta will only remove the section of the tree up to the property line. The remaining portion of the tree is the responsibility of the property owner, unless the tree had been previously reported as a hazard to the City’s Streets Department.

Should a tree (on private property) fall onto City property. The property owner is responsible for the portion of the tree up to the property line. The Streets Department (for public right of way) or the City’s Parks and Open Space Manager (for parks and City owned land) should be immediately notified of the fallen tree and its location.

Should a tree (on private property) fall onto adjacent private property. Each property owner is responsible for the portion of the tree on his/her property.

COMMERCIAL & MULTI-FAMILY – Within the City of Marietta, notification of tree removal and acquiring a tree removal permits IS required for commercial property, multi-family dwelling, and/or apartment building properties.

All non-emergency tree removals on commercial property and multi-family dwelling properties require authorization from the Department of Development Services.

If you wish to improve your landscape, or have a dead or dying tree needing removal, you must complete and submit a Tree Removal Permit Application form.

City staff will verify the condition of your tree and issue a decision no later than 10 days from receipt of all required documents.

Issuance of the Removal Permit

Major land work requires the completion of a Land Disturbance Activity Application. Tree removal permits are not issued until the plans have been reviewed and approved by the Department of Development Services. Find contact info for the relevant offices are listed below:

Rusty Roth
Department of Development Services
Planning & Zoning

Phone: 770-794-5670

The Cobb County Tree Removal Permit Process

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Tree removal permit Marietta Ga Cobb county

The Cobb County Community Development Agency has and enforces its tree protection ordinance. Land disturbance activities such as residential subdivisions, commercial development, and fill/site grading (other than “minor landscaping”) require a land use site-plan review

The Community Development Agency will then evaluate the scope of a project, and advise whether a land disturbance permit is required.

*Some cases may not require a permit, but we suggest contacting the Cobb Development Agency (770) 528-2147 when unsure, or to ensure you are acting lawfully.

Site Plan Review for Your Permit – Permits are issued once site-plans have been submitted, reviewed, and approved by Cobb County.

Site Plan Review
(770) 528-2147

Your Marietta Tree Removal Service

Our Marietta tree removal service can guide you through the permitting process. We also provide emergency tree removal in the event and aftermath of a severe weather event.

In the event of a tree emergency, no permit is required, so give us a call. Our emergency tree removal team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to all homeowners and businesses in Marietta, Georgia and throughout Cobb County.

Todd’s Marietta Tree Services

200 Cobb Pkwy N Ste 428 Marietta, GA 30062
(678) 505-0266

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