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Popular Marietta Georgia Shade Trees

Anyone who’s spent a summer in Marietta Georgia can attest to the absolute necessity for shade trees. On a hot and humid day, there isn’t much that compares to a tall glass of ice-water while resting below the canopy of a beautiful shade tree.

Trees in general provide a natural eco-infrastructure. From birds choosing to nest to squirrels hopping from limb to limb. Trees also work with surrounding vegetation to prevent soil erosion - now that’s some serious teamwork!

Common Shade Trees in Marietta

Red Maple - Knowing their mature size will help choose the species you should plant.

The Red Maple is best known and most dependable for its brilliant deep scarlet fall leaves. This makes the Red Maple highly sought after for residents looking to add color and flare to their autumn landscaping.

The US Forest Service recognizes the Red Maple as the most commonplace native tree in eastern North America. From sea level to high altitudes and from swamps to poor and dry soil, the Red Maple is able to adapt and remain healthy in varied weather and soil conditions.  These qualities makes this an ideal tree for homeowners looking for shade and low-maintenance.

Oak Trees - You can admire its grandiosity or simply relish in the amazingly expansive shade provided by any one of the varieties of the iconic Oak Tree. Oak trees are fast growing, large canopy trees, which makes them excellent shade trees.

Pin Oaks quickly reach upwards from 60 to 70 feet and provide a canopy spread of 25 to 40 feet. Red Oaks reach up to 75 feet tall with up to a 50 foot canopy spread. Not as quick to reach its heights, White Oaks reach a staggering 100 feet tall with up to an 80-foot spread having thick horizontal branches.

Simply knowing their mature size will help choose the species you should plant.

Flowering Dogwood - Knowing their mature size will help choose the species you should plant. If you were to spot a Flowering Dogwood in full bloom, you might easily compare it to a cloud. Either the pink or white varieties serve perfectly for ornamental landscaping or simply as a destination tree in a woodland garden.

Let’s take a look at a few characteristics of ‘Cherokee Brave’ and ‘Cherokee Princess’.

The pink ‘Cherokee Brave’ reaches 20 to 30 feet with its new growth being reddish green that turns to a rich green as the leaves mature. The fall color of a ‘Brave’ is an amazing burgundy red with berries in the fall.

The white ‘Cherokee Princess’ reaches 15 to 25 feet and produces berries in the fall that attract songbirds. The fall foliage of the ‘Princess’ is a bright blend of orange and red.

With Dogwood selection, your decision lies with canopy color and desired height of the tree.

Crape Myrtle - Highly sought after for their beautiful range of colors both privately and commercially, the Crape Myrtle is chiefly known for its colorful and long-lasting flowers which bloom in the summer. 

The array of colors vary from deep purple to red and white - with virtually every color in between. After 200 years of cultivation, Crape Myrtles evolved into a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors able to fill nearly every landscaping need.

These great specimens work as sharp looking street trees to dense barrier hedges for privacy. There are also fast-growing dwarf types (under 2 feet) which can achieve seed to bloom in a single season.

A Crape Myrtle is a flexible and colorful shade tree you should consider to add to your Marietta yard.

Willow Oak - Willow Oak trees are known for leaves that grow from soft, springy branches that drape toward the ground. It’s a sight to see and this drooping habit has earned the tree the nickname 'weeping willow.'

The Willow is not ideal for all yards, this very unique species should be discussed with your local tree expert before making any decisions.

Willow trees have a short trunk and a broad canopy. Mature trees may reach 50' high and 40' across. The tree grows best along river banks and ponds where the roots can freely seek out water. If planted in a landscape, the tree is known for invasive roots potentially disrupting in-ground utilities in their intrusive quest for water. Willows are deciduous trees preferring full sun and are the first to produce leaves, while being the last to shed them in fall.

Bring Diversity and Shade to Your Yard

There you have it. A great Arboriculture moment! And whether you are looking to add more foliage, hang a swing from a branch or completely overhaul your landscaping, these are five popular shade trees that can improve the landscaping, aesthetics, and ultimately the curb appeal of your Marietta, Georgia home.

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