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5 Popular Marietta Ga Shrub Species

There is an infinite list of shrub species to choose from. The 5 amazing shrub plants chosen for this article stood out as being relatively low maintenance, as well as visually striking. Shrubbery is outstanding for slowing natural soil erosion, even augmenting curb appeal! How cool is that?!

Marietta Tree Experts Talking Shrubbery

Choosing the right shrubs and trees for your Marietta yard conditions is critical to creating a stunning landscape. Listed below are some beautiful and easy to maintain shrub plants. See their photos, read the pertinent care information, and choose what sounds most desirable for your Marietta Ga backyard.

Hydrangea - Known for its blooms which appear to be pom-poms left behind by a group of cheerleaders, the Hydrangea is a much sought after shrub for its sturdiness as well as its beauty. The Hydrangea remains in bloom from early spring to late autumn - while other shrubs and trees have already lost their leaves and luster.

This shrub sports flowers in colors including white, blue, pink lavender and rose - sometimes all on the same shrub! This factor relies on the pH of the soil, aluminum ions become more or less accessible as the pH changes. This can alter the color of the flowers in some of the species. Interestingly, those bearing white flowers are not affected by the pH level in the soil.


Winter Honeysuckle - Known as the “harbinger of spring”, the Winter Honeysuckle is a robust low maintenance shrub reaching heights of 4 - 6 feet. While not the most attractive of shrubs, it is among the first to bloom at the end of the winter season. The scent produced by its blooms can be carried hundreds of feet and are succulent in nature. The Winter Honeysuckle can begin a blooming spree that starts before the end of winter lasting throughout spring, not to mention that the leaves remain green throughout the year. The Winter Honeysuckle is a true garden favorite.

Aucuba - Commonly known as the spotted laurel or gold dust plant, Aucuba is an evergreen shrub that grows 6 to 10 feet tall with colorful, green and yellow-gold leaves reaching lengths up to 8 inches long. While the flowers aren’t particularly ornamental, the Aucuba is valued for its ability to thrive in the most difficult of garden environments. It also copes well with pollution and salt-laden coastal winds - not that coastal winds would be an issue for Marietta Georgia gardens.

Attractive, bright red berries replace its flowers in the fall if a male plant grows nearby. The flowers and fruit will often hide behind the foliage. Aucuba also makes nice container shrubs or houseplants, with the ability to quickly adapt to an indoor setting.

Florida Anise - Also known as Star Anise (due to the star-like shape of its fruit), the Florida Anise is an evergreen shrub reaching heights of 10 - 12 feet tall and 6 - 8 feet wide. This beauty of a shrub is best-suited for shade, at the most, morning sun. Thriving in a rich, organic soil which remains uniformly moist, once established, plants are said to have great drought resistance.

How can you not fall in love with shrubbery that has a built-in self defense system? Due to the poisonous aromatic compounds in the foliage, Florida anise makes itself resistant to insect feeding and animal browse. Literally saying: “Leave my Leaves Alone!”

Rhododendron - A well desired shrub able to reach heights of 15 feet or more, the Rhododendron flowers will bloom from late winter to early summer. This shrub is shade tolerant and attracts hummingbirds making it that much more desirable. Let’s face it, the life attracted to (or repelled by) the species chosen is as fundamental as its appearance.

Being the national flower of Nepal makes it a fun conversation piece as well... Well, sort of.

Popular Shrubs for Marietta Landscaping

Make your yard a destination point! Listen for the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ at the beauty you and our Marietta tree professionals have assembled. Enjoying the beauty of a well planned yard, the life it attracts and the value it gives are some of the many rewards for years to come.

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