Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Signs and Symptoms of a Troubled Tree

No one likes to pay to have a tree assessed to see if its been infected by insects or diseased, but there’s a much larger cost if an unhealthy tree were to fall onto your property. When you start to notice visible problems with your tree, contact an emergency tree removal service to have the problem surveyed and diagnosed.

Thus it’s critical you know the warning signs and visual cues. Listed below are some of the major signs and tree damage symptoms to help you avoid a tree disaster.

Signs of Deteriorating Tree Health

While some of these signs might be obvious, there are some signs of tree damage that can make it look like your tree might actually be growing. That is why it is so important you understand these signs and recognize them.

Insect Infestation - Some insects will create their nests in tree foliage and then spend their lives eating all the greenery. Because the leaves of a tree provide it with the vital food and nutrients it needs, parasites can cut off the food supply for your tree and starve it. There are also insects that will burrow into the tree, which gives rot and disease the chance to work their way into the tree and start destroying it.

Dying or Dead Tree Limbs - Perhaps the most obvious sign that something is very wrong with your tree is noticeably dead or dying tree limbs. These limbs will be brittle and appear gray. There could be some leaves left on a dying limb, but these leaves will be smaller and there will be less of them on a dying limb.

New Growth Around the Base - If you were to see growth or shoots around the base of your tree you might think it would be a good sign, but this is actually a sign that the roots of your tree are being suffocated, or that the leaves have become so damaged that your tree isn’t getting enough nutrients.

Leaning Trees - If the tree starts to lean then it means that the top could be damaged or that the roots are weak. Your trees are less likely to lean if you provide proper care for them when they start growing. Unfortunately most people inherit a tree after they have been growing for a while; when it is likely too late.

Mushrooms Around the Base - If mushrooms start growing around your tree it is a likely sign that the tree is dying or dead on the inside. Mushrooms can only grow when there is decaying material. So if you notice that there are mushrooms on or around your tree you need to get an arborist to come check the tree out for additional damage.

Have Your Damaged Tree Treated

If you want to control diseases and insects that maybe affecting your trees and shrubs, you should call in a tree professional. An arborist or tree expert can determine whether disease or insect infestation is affecting your tree and how you can treat it. Knowing the warning signs is a simple way to remain safe and prevent unnecessary damage to your property.


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