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Preparing Your Trees for Spring

arborist pruning trees for spring tree care

Spring is in the air and there’s never been a better time to ensure your yard stays healthy inside and out. The trees and shrubs you plant are a form of living investment that will only grow – literally and in terms of value – as time passes. When trees and shrubs are properly selected and planted, you can expect them to thrive if they are given the right care.

Caring for plants includes fertilizing, pruning, and the occasional pest control. At we perform the aforementioned spring tree services to ensure the health of your trees. Discover the proper care that may need to be performed to your trees and landscape this spring.

Spring Pruning

The concept of “spring cleaning” can extend to pruning off the frost damage from your trees and plants, which could be caused by harsh winters. Spring is when you take your garden and prepare it or summer by getting rid of the deadwood and any other unwanted pieces of landscaping. This reduces the damage that can be caused to new landscaping.

Fertilize Your Soil

Make sure you apply fertilizer when your plants need it and when they are ready to absorb all the nutrients through their roots. Be smart about when you apply it, applying at times that coincide with proper soil moisture and active root growth.

It’s best to fertilize your trees and shrubs during early spring, followed up by an application of light fertilizer early in the summer; assuming that the conditions are right for a growing plant (agreeable temperatures and good soil moisture).

You should avoid fertilizing your shrubs and trees if they have been stressed because of the drought of summer months. If there isn’t enough water for your plants, then don’t fertilize them at all as they won’t be able to absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer.

arborist spreading soil fertilizer to tree roots for spring

Pest Control

One of the first and most obvious signs something is wrong with your tree is damage to the stem and leaves. This could be an indication of an infestation of insects. Spring is when it becomes most apparent that trees have been infested or damaged by pests.

One of the most effective ways to control pests is to start by choosing the right plants. As you are designing, buying, or replacing your landscape plants, pick up plants that are more resistant to pests and infestations.

Secondly, you need to closely inspect the landscape plants and trees weekly to check for signs of pest problems as they continue to grow. Keep in mind that some mites and insects are minute and often hide on the underside of leaves. You need to pay very close attention and give a thorough inspection to notice and solve these pest problems.

Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring

Having a healthy lawn is more than just something good to look at. A healthy lawn keeps the environment healthy too. Trees and plants absorb plenty of carbon dioxide and release lots of oxygen. Trees are also good for the environment because they reflect the sun’s rays through transpiration of water. Finally, trees and plants prevent corrosion by keeping soil in place.

Spring is the when Mother Nature “springs” back to life, and all the trees and flowers come back into full bloom. It’s also the time of year when homeowners know they need to act to ensure that their trees and landscapes stay beautiful for another year!
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