Monday, May 22, 2017

Planning Your Perfect Backyard and Garden

Backyard landscape with trees surrounding a fireplace

Backyards are no longer just area and grass behind your home. With adequate landscaping and vision, you can turn this part of the house into an extension of your home, creating a recreation and relaxation spot for your family.

So many fresh and unique ideas are being incorporated into backyard designs and landscapes, including fixing of an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and other utilities usually found indoors. Discover some ideas to turn your backyard into a functional space for your family to enjoy.

Your Outdoor Living Space

The planning phase is the most important part of creating an outdoor living space. How do you want the backyard space to be used? Do you prefer an open area with direct sunlight, or shade trees that shield the sun and keep your yard cooler? What activities would you love to have done in the backyard?

These are some questions you should ask yourself. The answers would help you select the foliage, plants, whether you would want an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue stand, raised garden beds or even a water fountain!

A beautiful backyard and landscape go a long way to boost the value of your property and also provide recreation for your home. You can get the help of a professional landscaper if you are not sure where to start with your outdoor project.

Landscaping & Hardscaping Your Backyard

Develop a master plan and then carry out your landscaping and hardscaping project in phases, especially if its not realistic to do all at one time.

You may need to obtain a permit and/or consult a utility line locator, if you need to remove trees or extensively disturb the land. With detailed and well-informed planning, you can avoid mistakes and save time, energy and financial resources.

Hardscaping may require tearing up your lawn and damaging plants while plowing soil to create the patios, pavements, and irrigation systems. So at Todd’s we suggest, whenever possible, you install the hardscape before doing your planting.

Add a Small Vegetable Garden to Your Plans

It is an experience tending a garden. The fresh garden produce is more than rewards. It is amazing how garden grown vegetables taste juicy and very interesting.

Backyard garden with raised boxes growing vegetables

Tending to your garden, you know where your fruits and vegetables come from, and you have no doubt or uncertainty as to if they would be safe for consumption. You plant, water, fertilize, tend and harvest your vegetables.

Radishes, tomatoes, beets, squash, lettuce, carrots, cabbages, as well as pepper, are some of the vegetables that deserve a place in your garden.

The Perfect Backyard – Beautiful and Practical

It all begins with a plan – from creating a beautiful landscape to make your neighbors green with envy or just creating a vegetable garden to suit your nutritional needs or a recreational spot for the home, it all begins with planning.

With everything falling in place, you can create a beautiful backyard. While you are at it, you have got professionals to help achieve your dreams.
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