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3 Tree Threat Prevention Tips

Tree support stakes used to strengthen the trunk and prevent wind damage
There are factors to which trees, both young and old, are vulnerable to. These factors range from environmental, animal, and even landscape and lawn care equipment. From contractors that are capable of damaging roots with their heavy machinery, to strong winds which blow off young trees, the list is almost endless.

To help prevent damage, Todd’s gathered a short list of potential threats. These tips would be useful in protecting your trees from being injured or damaged.

Guarding Trees from Wind Damage

Use support stakes – Durable metal or wood will act as your anchor and frame. You need to tie the tree to the frames using a soft fabric. Consider the amount of tension, as you should give a little room for the young tree to sway in the direction of the wind, but not much space that could allow the tree to break. The swaying will help in developing a good root system for the tree.

Use a protective covering for your trees – These covers will protect the tree from the invasion of pests, wind damage, and other factors. This protective covering should only be used only in the case of a serious wind looming. Otherwise, under normal weather conditions, you want the tree to absorb as much sunlight as it can. If you need to use a covering, place the cover from the top of the tree and use a tape to hold it in place at the trunk.

Protection from Deer Attacks

The young and tender bark of new trees appeal to deer. They feed off the lower limbs and are drawn to the rich taste. Deer also paw the soil around the tree and thus can damage the tree’s newly forming root system. However, worse of all, the males forcibly attack and damage the tree by rubbing their antlers against the bark.

two deer near a tree with bark damage

Protective barrier – A barrier like a fence should be built around the tree at a height of about 8-10 feet to prevent the animal from attacking the tree. The cages or fences must be adjustable to expansion as the tree grows, so as to give space for more growth and still prevent the tree from being attacked. Use chicken wire as the material for the construction.

Sprays will ward off deer – You can prevent deer attacks by using sprays that irritate their sense of smell. They are irritated by soap bars and hair, which you can put on ropes and hang on the limbs of the tree. You can create a homemade repellent, comprised of 94% water and 6% hot sauce. This solution upset their sense of taste and thwart further damage to your trees.

When possible, combine the two, as using the barrier and spray in conjunction produces a better result than either of the solutions being used separately.

Preventing Machinery Damage

Before any construction or lawn care maintenance is carried out, you should communicate the importance of preserving the integrity of your landscape and all plants. Some service providers are focused on cutting your yard and being done as quickly as possible. This can present an issue, given they are not careful around your trees and shrubs.

Consult with the contractor on the best measures to prevent your tree from being damaged. These situations should be considered before any work is done;

Heavy machinery – this can destroy your root system. With the equipment passing over the soil and roots, its weight can crush or compact the soil, resulting in less room for the roots to spread.

Heavy machinery operator – they may damage the root by injuring the bark of the tree, which may lead to decay of the tree. If this happens, look out for these warning signs toddsmariettatreeservices.com/troubled-tree-signs-symptoms/

Barriers or Fencing – a barrier should be erected around the tree covering even the outreaching branch, and preventing vehicular damage to the tree.

Damage Prevention for a Thriving Landscape

Whether it be wind, deer, or heavy machinery, your trees – young and mature – are at risk. Taking these minimal steps to protect them is an incredible investment in the future and beauty of your landscape.


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