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Choosing and Lighting a Christmas Tree

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree from a lot

We go through the same thing each holiday season; we hang lights on our trees, have a little twirl around the tree to wrap the lights around it, and end up with crossed strands that are almost impossible to remove in the new season.

There is a better way, but before delving deeper into lighting though, we should discuss how to choose the best tree. A brittle and dried up tree won’t be able to support all of those wires, so focus on finding a fresh tree. Here’s how to select and light your tree properly.

Choosing Your Tree

According to Todd, the key factor when buying pre-cut trees is freshness. If you’re going to cut down your own tree or have someone else cut one for you then you’re guaranteed to get a fresh one.

  1. The needles of the tree must be resilient. Hold one of the branches about six inches in from the tip, between your forefinger and thumb and pull your hand in so the branch passes between your fingers. The needles shouldn’t snap off the tree, instead staying where they are.
  2. Needles should also be flexible and not brittle.
  3. Take the base of the tree and lightly bump it into the ground to ensure needles are firmly attached. Check for any needles falling off. A tree is fresh if only a couple of needles come off after being bumped.
  4. The tree should have the right green color and have a nice fragrance to it.
  5. Fresh trees have more moisture and are therefore more fragrant with firmer needles, provided they are kept in stands with a good water capacity.
  6. The limbs of the tree must be sturdy enough to hold all your decorations and lights.

Hanging Lights on a Freshly Cut Christmas Tree

It’s a good idea to use three 100-light sets of Christmas lights for every foot of height the tree has. It takes some patience to light a Christmas tree properly. Here are some steps to make it easier.

Preparing to hang lights on a fresh cut Christmas tree

  1. Don’t wrap lights around the tree. Rather, divide the tree up into three triangular sections around the cone of the tree, from top to bottom.
  2. Get your first string of lights and secure the bulb at the end of the string next to the trunk. Weave the lights across the triangle without crossing the cord. Plug in your next set of lights when the string ends and start weaving again until you get to the bottom, with no more than 300 conventional lights connected. Repeat the process or the other triangles.
  3. Take a step back and look at the tree. Rearrange the lights to cover up any dark holes on the tree. Work backwards to remove lights without getting them tangled.

NOTE: You can double how many lights you can use by switching to LED Christmas lights.

Light Your Tree Properly For a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday!

Ensure that your tree stays fresh by keeping the reservoir of the base topped up with water. It might be time to let the tree go when it starts showing signs it’s drying out. A dried out tree is dangerous because it can cause house fires, which can cost much more than just holiday cheer. Stay safe and have a holly jolly Christmas with your good friends at Todd’s Tree Services.

Decorated and lit Christmas tree and room

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